Thanks RER Lookups/Helium Tank Cars

Jay H. Miller <jay@...>

Thanks to all the folks who responded to my plea for lookups from
RERs. A good bit of data has been cataloged and more is on the way. A
great resource this list is (wish we had Internet ten years ago).

I am trying to compile an all-time roster of the helium tank cars
used by the Navy, Bureau of Mines and Atomic Energy Commission to
haul processed compressed helium from plants in Amarillo and Exell,
Texas and Keyes, Oklahoma from the late 1930s thru the end of
government helium operations in 1998.

A good bit of raw data and some nice photographs have surfaced but
there are still some missing links. Especially needed are photographs
of the cars from the 40s and 50s. Plus ANY photograph of a car
carrying ATMX reporting marks. Also a photograph of a three bottle
car from the 1930s wearing NAVY paint.... there is one in several Car
Builders in ARMY AIR SERVICE paint but several of us swear we've seen
one somewhere carrying USNX markings.

Any help will be graciously accepted and properly credited.

Also if anyone has an AHM model of the typical cars, I would
appreciate a note and or a JPG.

This was a back burner project back in the SF Modeler days and as I
have started to ENJOY modeling again, I thought I would dust it off
and see what could be done.

Thanks again for the help and for this great resource.... many, many
old friends here and names from the past!

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