Wabash DS Boxcar Rebuilds (was S Helper Service "Rebuilt Boxcar")

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Chet French wrote:

"The Wabash cars with the flush side sills are a result of a second
rebuilding which started two years after the period of this group---
1962. Car bodies from 83, 84, and 85000 series rebuilt cars were
placed on the floor and underframes from 13500-14849 series 41'-6"
gondolas. Trucks from the gons, both AAR standard and Andrews, were
used. The rebuilt cars were numbered 85200-85899 and had both 10'-4"
and 10'-0" IH's." <<snip>>

Great information, Chet! I never would have guessed that the
original underframe was swapped out with those from gons - that
tricky Wabash Mechanical Department!

"Side sills appeared to riveted to the underframe and the car body
welded to the side sill."

Explains the lack of an inset along the side sill.

"Cars were noted for some having a combination of corrugated and
dreadnaught ends, sometimes on the same end. Car 85346 had a 3/7/4,
B end, with the top two sections corrugated and the bottom

I was wondering about that car ever since I saw the photo in Classic
Freight Cars Volume 1. Of course, I wasn't about to trust the
caption in the book - that would be kind of like buying Worldcom
stock right now.

"Sorry I snuck past 1960."

In this case, not at all a problem. I'm coming to the conclusion
that the rebuilt boxcar book in the "Freight Cars in Service" series
is going to be the hardest one to write because of all of the
variations. It might also prove to be the most interesting one to do
because of that reason!

Thanks again!

Ben Hom