Tractors per flatcar/Now Pool Car Shipments

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Ted Culotta wrote: These items were probably delivered to a
team track
where unloading could be supervised or else made
available at a named point and time.  Although it's
possible that they could have been "live" unloaded
(set out and unloaded while the crew waited), I doubt
that could have been very common since it would have
been expensive to have a train crew sit while somebody
pulled off their lading

No, no, no!. Pool car shipments were often to consignees in
different towns. While in college in the early 50's I worked for a
wholesale auto parts chain. We received pool cars of oil,
antifreeze and tire chains. We unloaded what we were to receive
from a team track at the freight house. All the railroad did was
call a day ahead to let us know a car was coming in and then
spot the car somewhare around their freight house.. The
remainder of the load was separated by dunnage so it wouldn't
shift during the last leg of the run. We put a new seal on the car
door and released the car back to the railroad.

I should add that our pool cars were split between two or three of
our own locations, but that's how it was done regardless of who
the other consignee was.

Don Lodge
Modeling Cedar Rapids, IA , circa 1947-53