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What might be some good roadnames for 53'6" AAR 50 ton flats
goods (especially military cargo) on the PRR in 1944? (I have one each
the NKP and CNW from the 1st release).
The NKP and CNW flats are
transporting M3 halftracks and Shermans respectively from the Detroit
Arsenal to New Jersey for shipment to the European theater. Of
course, as
Richard pointed out in part of his note that I snipped, flat cars were
snapped up...I've got a picture in a book of a Southern flat car being
loaded with Shermans in the Detroit Arsenal.

Of course, in I do have some other classes of flats, like PRR F30A and
cars, and a Norwest C.P. 336260-Series Flat Car (yeah, I know...the
service rules say that's not supposed to happen...except that there is
nice photo in the Signal Corps archives of CP308063 in Newport News - I wonder how it got
<G>). I know of the Red Caboose (NYC prototype right?) and the Tichy
flat...any other good prototypical models out there? Is there going
to be
one in the Marklin U.P. series that would be appropriate for '44?

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