Red Caboose Reefer/Intermountain PFE reefer

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Sorry, the Amarillo Railroad Museum, not New Mexico. Check this link
and related offerings (1949 scheme, 1962 repaint, R40-10 reefers:

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Depending on the reefer... Doesn't Intermountain make a PFE
reefer (or New Mexico Rwy
museum??? I've seen the small ad in the back of MR magazine for the
PFE reefer). These did indeed travel the rails, on NKP and ...
just > look up the ad in MR, maybe a back issue from last year.

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What is the prototype for the Red Caboose wood reefer and would
they be found in the east in 1957. If the answer to this post is
the archives just say so as I haven't searched it much yet.
Brian J Carlson
Cheektowaga NY



I can also provide information on the reefers (and other cars) the Amarillo
Railroad Museum sells!

Jerry Michels, President
Amarillo Railroad Museum