Builder's Photo of B&M's #70000-70499 series USRADouble Sheathed Box #70000-70499

tim gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Al & Richard,

Thank you very much for your replies - Richard for the JPEG scan of B&M
#70225CT which clearly shows the "Red Arrow" Rectangular Herald albeit
applied directly onto the car side.

Tim Gilbert

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Does anyone know if and where there is a builder's photo of a B&M
#70000-70499 series USRA Boxcar? The 500 car series was built by
American Car & Foundry in 1919.
Scan of builder's photo attached.
Al Westerfield wrote:

Tim - I have a copy but it's out on loan somewhere. Anyone? A > > > halftone of it appeared in Modelers Notes of the B&MHS, No. 16, Oct. > 1989. Your second guess is correct as to lettering but it was > stencilled directly on the side. - Al>