Southern #23000-23486 Boxcar Doors #23000-23486

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I am posting this question for the second time to some lists. Unfortunately
I did not get any responses to the first request. Hopefully, someone can
help me soon as I am now at the point of adding the doors.

I am building four of the very fine Branchline Blueprint Southern Boxcars
(kit #1514) which represent the #23300-23486 series, built 8-47 by
Pullman-Standard (lot 5855).

Can anyone offer a photo reference or advice on the correct door
or these
cars in 1955?

The car numbers are:




According to my mid 1960's Southern Freight Car Diagram book, the door breakdown for the
series you ask about is listed as follows:

23000 - 23241 Camel doors
23242 - 23268 Superior doors
23269 - 23299 Camel doors
23300 - 23472 Superior doors
23473 - 23486 Camel doors

So given the cars numbers you asked about

23005 would be Camel
23168 would be Camel
23252 would be Superior
23399 would be Superior

Of course this assumes the original doors have not been replaced for some reason.

The hand brakes are listed as Universal for all of the above, but
interestingly, 23300 - 23486 may have been Miner. The diagram book has
Miner erased and replaced with a ditto mark in the hand brake column starting
with 23300 - 23472. Early and late photos of the hand brake end on this series would
help clear this mystery up.

Hope this helps,

Greg Henschen