For Sale: Minolta equipment for freight car model photography

Rob Adams

Not long ago, there was a post from a list member asking about equipment for photographing freight car models. I think most of the discussion centered around digital cameras, but there is still the "old way". Due to the death of my second beloved Minolta X-700, I've decided to part with all of my legacy camera equipment.

I have a Sigma 50mm 1:1 f2.8 Macro lens that I teamed up with a Minolta Multi-Function Back to take some wonderful model and diorama photos. The lens is incredible, but when closed down to get the maximum depth of field, it requires extended exposure times under most lighting conditions. That's where the Multi-Function Back came in, as it controls timed exposures. It made results more repeatable than manually keeping the shutter open with a cable release and watching a clock or starting a timer. The MFB has a clock/calendar and will also date stamp each negative frame, which is nice when taking photos of prototype subjects.

If any of you have a legacy Minolta manual focus camera and are looking for a good solution for shooting freight car model or layout photos, this is it.

The lens and back are only about 5 years old and have been very well cared for. Please contact me off list at steamera@... if you are interested in more information. (I also have some other treasures from my X-700) If not sold directly, it will soon be appearing in an eBay auction.

Best regards, Rob Adams