ADMIN!!! Please Read!!

Len Allman <allmansipe@...>

More than one exclamation point is repetitiously
redundant and unnecessary.

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Len Allman

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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

OK, guys,

A couple of simple points. One, not only is religion, politics, and sex off
subject and NOT within the scope of the STMFC, but every other subject not
expressed in the STMFC rules is also off subject. Obviously, some off
subject comments tend to invoke more emotional responses than others so my
tendency is to overlook scope those that "should not" be controversial. The
three subjects mentioned above, however...religion, politics and sex...will
initiate an immediate response from me and if you wish to not be placed in
the moderate category, you will steer clear of such...hopefully discussing
frt cars.
I do want to be quite clear about this.

I would also note that, for very good reasons, I and my assistants will be
the only ones to direct ON THE STMFC other members regarding what is IN
scope or OUT. OTOH, STMFC policy is that members SHOULD bring to my
attention issues that appear to violate the group's rules and policies. Some
might consider this to be less than ethical...preferring to directly
confront a problem...but in the long run it is much better for members to be
"policed" by me and my assistants because that is our function. IOW, we have
"no cards in the game" other than the task of maintaining order. I am also
aware that I wear two hats...the enforcer and a rather talkative member. I
try not to wear both hats at the same time but I will not always be

I would hope that no one takes my comments personally. The group functions
extremely well, IMO, and I have no complaints about any members. From time
to time, however, certain operating procedures need to be explained.


Mike Brock