1946 mystery

Rupert and Maureen <gamlenz@...>


I'm seeking help with the history of CB&Q class XA-14D boxcars numbered 46500-46749, which were built in 1937 and reclassified as boxes in 1941.
In 1945, 17 of these cars were renumbered into the series 17000-17211 and this increased to 28 cars by February 1946 (last number in the series changed to 17213). However, by August of that year, all the cars were back in the original number series.

Does anyone on the List have an ORER for July 1946 (the page is probably dated May 1, 1946) who can check the number of cars renumbered to the new group as at that date?

The other strange things are the number sequence (not used for boxcars since 1910) and the total number of possible cars in the number group. Why allow for a potential total of 212 / 214 cars? Any suggestions would be welcomed.


Rupert Gamlen
Auckland N.Z.