UP stock car paint


There is a pretty large file at the Colo RR Museum on the UP stock car
rebuild from box cars that took place at Denver shops. Will check it out to
see what there is on paint colors.

Chuck Yungkurth
Boulder CO

Terry Roberts <robertst@...>

"UP Yellow Paint?

The question should have been when did the UP begin painting their stock
cars Armour Yellow rather than a general request regarding other freight
equipment. The person who put the question to me models in the late 1940s."

Vol 1,#1 of the "Streamliner" sez the stock car conversion for the Livestock
Dispatch service occurred in 1947. Aluminum roof and ends, yellow sides,
black underbody and trucks. Not all stock cars were converted for this
service so a significant quantity stayed in the red scheme.

Terry Roberts
In the Pacific NW