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Hi All,

I can't believe I am writing this for 2 reasons. First, I can't believe it
happened, and second that I noticed it just now. I have been to 3 events
this year; the RPM meet in Malvern Pa. in the spring, the PRR convention and
the NASG convention where I was promoting my S Scale X29 project. I have had
the ring binder of my collection of X29 photos on the table to look at. This
book has been left unattended. The 3 B&O M26b photos that WERE in there are
not now. One of them was a recently acquired PRR Builders photo # E12841. I
scanned it when I first got it on 3-5-04. That was just before the RPM meet.
I have looked in my usual piles to no avail. I always file new photos right
away, especially if they are for the X29 project. They were in that ring

If you took them as a joke I ain't laughing. If you borrowed them and forgot
to tell me PLEASE return them ASAP anonymously or otherwise. My address is
on my Lanes Trains website.

If something like this did happen I guess I am glad it was only 3 photos and
not the whole book. That would have been devastating to me. Most people know
that I am pretty free with my photo collection. ASK me if you want a copy of
something, you will probably get it. They did not have to be stolen.

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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