I'm glad to be back and a few copies of something for sale

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I'm glad to be back after losing my lap top(crashed) and switching
ISP's. I may have something of indirect but important interest to
freight car modelers.

I hope Mike doesn't mind me posting this, but I recently made copies
of some old New York Central reference books for friends and have
copies left. (T.T., copyright is not an issue here, as I have looked
into it. In fact, I can't really stop anyone from making copies from
my copies.)

If you are a New York Central modeler or your road interchanges with
the NYC, you might want to check these out. Among many other things
listed in the books are interchages by road and location, joint
stations, trackage rights, mileage posts, station call letters,
yards, car shops and engine facilities. I believe the Despatch Shops
are also included. See my description on ebay for more detail:


This is a fixed price auction, so you can buy anytime. The 1943
edition is the New York Central including the Peoria & Eastern,
Michigan Central, Boston & Albany and Big Four but does not include
the P&LE. It is 208 pages in length.

I also have a few of the 1929 edition available too but this edition
DOES NOT include the Michgian Central, Big Four, P&E, P&LE, or B&A.
It is noteworthy, however, in that this was published right before
the Depression when some lines were abandoned and a more than a few
interubans and shortlines subsequently vanished. There were also some
changes in structure on the NYC. It does include, however, the Ohio
Central Lines including the TOC and the Kanahwha roads. Some obsure
leased and subsidiary roads are included like the Louisville &
Jeffersonville Bridge & Railroad Company including yards, mileposts
and engine facilities! It is 133 pages in length. Both copies include
divison maps.

See the ebay listing and contact me off the list if you still want to
know what is included or not included or the price on the 1929
verison. However, in all fairness, don't ask me any research
quesitons, since I'm making a meager profit if at all. Again, contact
me off the list with any questions. I won't post anything anymore on
this topic.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana