Athearn's New John Deere Tractors

Edwin C Kirstatter <q1xamacarthur@...>

The three HO Athearn John Deere tractors that I have are: Waterloo Boy,
Model "B" and 50 Series. If they have other models out now I haven't
seen them.

In looking in Standard Catalog of Farm Tractors, 1890 to 1960 by
C.H.Wendel published by Krause Pub. I find this information on the above
mentioned tractors.

Waterloo Boy, this would be Type N in production from 1917 - 1924.

Model "B" this is a Row-crop type in production from 1947 - 1952.

50 Series another Row-crop type in production from 1952 - 1956.

All of these would be ideal flat car loads for their era. Be sure you
use AAR Rules that Govern Loading of Commodities On Open Top Cars! You
need to block and tie them down by the rules to be Prototypically
correct! Be sure you leave the specified clearance for the brake wheel.

Edwin C. Kirstatter, B&O Modeler.

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