King patent underframe

Mike Calvert

Can anyone provide information on the "King Patent Trussed Steel
This is a steel underframe with truss rods, shown in a drawing in the
PSC O Scale freight/passenger car parts catalog.

Which railroads used this? Any photographs available?

Mike Calvert


The best known example of a freight car with a King underframe is
the Illinois River Packet Co. No. 201 boxcar. Plans and construction
article for this car appeared in the Nov. 1959 issue of Model
Railroader, starting on page 32. I recently scratchbuilt this car in
P:48 using this article, in addition to added information found in
The Car Builders Dictionary. In the 1906 Edition, Fig. 4 shows a
side view of the Illinois River No. 201. Fig. 309-310 has a scale
drawing of the King underframe flatcar. Fig. 951 has a view of the
flatcar, taken from the top, before the decking was installed. In the
1909 Edition, the same views and plans are shown in Fig. 4, 368-369
and 1032.

I'm sure John Chapp, who did the MR article and plan, must have used
this same information.

Listings in the Equipment Registers showed the Illinois River Packet
Co. having 4 boxcars, No. 201-204. But only No. 201 and 203 were
listed with composite underframes. The other two were listed as wood

I have not found out who had bought the flatcar shown in The Car
Builder's Dictionary. I hope someone else will be able to supply more

Stan Schwedler
Coronado Scale Models