1876 Railroad Station & Post Office Guidebook

Ed Hawkins

The following summary of information is submitted for a publication
available for purchase from the Museum of Transportation. Please make
inquiries directly to the MOT at the address/phone number provided.
Postpaid price is $23.00.
Ed Hawkins


Authentic reprints of this 232 page, 7 x 10, primary reference are
now available. For any location you can find what county and state or
province it is in, if it has a both a post office and train station, or
just one, and the name of the railroad and express company serving it.
Over 41,000 post offices, 20,000 railroad stations, and 670 U.S. and
Canadian railroads are listed. County seats are identified, as well as
division or branch names for larger railroads. Different postal and
railroad names for a location are identified. Reprinted in 1976 on
yellow and cream colored paper, hardbound in red exactly like the
original. A great resource for writers, genealogists, historians,
libraries, museums, railroad and postal enthusiasts.

$20 per copy + $3 packing/postage

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