hopper utilization


Did the season for maximum hopper utilization extend through the
winter or did it let up as the winter progressed? Did the coal
season for home owners coincide with industrial users?

The coal dealers near where I grew up had enormous concrete silos.
Were these filled to top during the fall and allowed to empty as the
winter progressed? I think unloading a hopper of frozen coal could
be a pain in the neck and wet coal might freeze again. So why not
stock pile coal before the freezing season?

I've seen photos of many home road hoppers being stored during the
summer months. I imagine all off road hoppers are returned as the
weather gets warmer. I would guess that the season starts out with
all home road hoppers and the number of off road hoppers peaks when
coal utilization is at it's maximum. But when is that maximum?


Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

While it is probably not wise to assume that the patterns of freight traffic in Canada during a given year closely followed those in the USA, I have nonetheless scanned a chart from a 1940 Dominion Bureau of Statistics publication, Summary of Car Loadings, that provides a week by week graph of coal, grain and livestock traffic. FWIW. its in the files section of STMFPH at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/STMFPH/files/ under the title coal grain & livestock.

Rob Kirkham