T&NO (ex SA&AP) stock cars

Lee Gautreaux

Tony T. or others,

I have just taken the time to go through the SP Freight Cars Vol I
in detail in the stock car chapters to update the appropriate class
pages on my web site (see below:)


and have a question or two:

-I show T&NO ex-SAAP 14810-14968 in my 12/1930 ORER. What were
their original SAAP numbers?

-I show T&NO 6075-6099 as 36'-6", 2596 ft3. I assume these were
renumbered to make room for T&NO 61xxx series box cars. Do you know
the original class(es?)

-I show T&NO S-40-13's listed with SP numbers 78000-78004,
presumably for renumbering in the early 1960's. Do you know if any
of these cars were actually renumbered as such or could these have
been proposed numbers that were never used?

I will be ordering Vol. III tomorrow. I'm very excited about this
new book.

Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat