Re. Andrew Trucks

Edwin C. Kirstatter <Q1xaMacArthur1@...>


Has anybody had good luck using those Red Caboose Andrews trucks that
came with the Mather Reefers?

I did not! They kept derailing! I even tried to Super glue them to make
them rigid. That did not help!

I junked them and replaced them with Accurail Andrews type now they will
stay on the track.

Any comments from you operators out there? They look nice but mine will
not work!

Edwin C. Kirstatter.

joe binish <joebinish@...>

I used a pair of them on an Accurail reefer to model a C&S car. The first
thing I did was to get a set of the Reboxx/IM .088 tread wheelstes, then
shorten the RC bolsters, then epoxy the sideframes to the bolsters. Now
they run ok, and don't look much too wide.
Joe Binish