Jim and Lisa Hayes <jimandlisa97225@...>

Darn, you cut it off just before I was going to comment. Well, I'll do it
Just because Martin chooses not to use email for business purposes doesn't
mean he's ignorant or afraid of email. With two college age kids, there must
be a fair amount of computer knowledge and an email enabled computer in his
With a 6 month order backlog, he's pedaling as fast as he can without taking
time out to do email.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Further discussions about the internet and Sunshine Models is...for those unable to understand the group out of scope.

I should point out a slight error in my comments about the business
practices of a manufacturer. The rule states clearly that "criticism" of a
manufacturer's business practices is prohibited. I said that such practices
are not to be "discussed" and I will simply correct that by adding
"negatively". For those that might question this concept or possibly
disagree with it, let me simply say that the rule was adopted through
experience. The STMFC welcomes any comments from a manufacturer regarding
their own operations...such as that presented by Al Westerfield and Jim
King. Members of the group are asked to consider any such information gratis
and it is not open to negative judgement by the members...on the STMFC.

I should also mention that the group does allow both positive and negative
reviews on the products produced by manufacturers. Both such reviews are
free from criticism by other members. Members will make their own judgements
about products from such reviews.

To clarify this a bit and, using Al Westerfield's comments as an example,
the issue of how sheathing on single sheathed cars is best achieved is
certainly open to discussion and Al's treatment is as well. Whether or not a
particular manufacturer should use a particular treatment for single
sheathed siding is, however, the prerogative of the manufacturer...just as
is its choice to use the internet or not.

Mike Brock