1950's solid orange PFE R-30-18 Reefers

Andy Carlson

I have acquired from Terry Wegmann the last private
stock of a special run of his PFE R-30-18 ice bunker
reefer. When he was originally tooling this kit, he
made a change in the car side-he added the fascia
normally cast with the roof to the upper car side, and
he tooled the roof w/o the riveted fascia. Very few
parts were run, and I got the remaining few.

The reason for this change was to allow an easier
painting of a car in the solid orange scheme of the
early 50's. Terry even cast the door latches and
ladders in Orange Styrene to facilitate the ease of
painting. These modifications drastically reduce the
tedious masking for the all orange scheme paint job.

I have only 4 of these left. If anyone wants them for
$100.00 (includes shipping), I will send them to you.
Since these will never be redone w/o new tooling,
don't ever expect them to be available again.

Contact me off-list, please if interested.
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-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA