Summary on PRR freight cars; was NYC and Walthers USRA hoppers

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That info is not available in one place. As far as I know, PRR boxcars
have not been summarized in a public forum. PRR open hoppers are
covered in John Teichmoeller's book; gondolas are covered in the data
sheet and individual articles in TKM; covered hoppers were also covered
by John's covered hopper series in TKM. A flat car modeling summary is
being reviewed by other folks on the PRRT&HS Modeling Committee, and
should be available in TKM after May. Stock cars have not yet been
done. Other classes are minimal, but also have not yet been summarized.

I hope this helps.

Elden Gatwood

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and Ben,how about the same for the Pennsy.Armand premo
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Elden Gatwood asked:
"Is there somewhere we can obtain a list of available models versus
classes (sorry, "lots"?), so we could educate ourselves as to what to
buy and/or how to modify it?"

Ben Hom

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