ADMIN: Re: Re: The Springfield Show

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor writes about the Springfield show:

Bill we can't discuss it any further. You can talk about Cocoa Beach,
hotels, and bars, and even warm Florida weather, but please don't say
anything about ... you know what.
As a matter of fact, my messages of August 25 indicate rather clearly that subjects other than those included in the group's rules are out of scope. The rules:

admin, security, or "policing" functions will be conducted only by myself or
my representatives. Warnings about virus activity is strictly
prohibited. Threads or subjects may be terminated only by myself or my
representatives. When threads/subjects are terminated, members are expected
to avoid sending messages associated with such threads/subjects.

All references to politics or political views are prohibited.

Announcements of frt car related items for sell are permitted BUT actual
lists of items should be made available from the seller upon request rather
than in the message. Announcements of such sells should be kept at a
minimum. The primary objective of the group is to exchange information
concerning the subject.

Members must sign messages with their full names.

Announcements about prototype modeling events is within scope."

Thus, other than announcements...dates, cost, location [ including the facility ], and planned activities...about Prototype Rails at Cocoa Beach, Naperville, St. Louis and various other RPM out of scope. Since the hotel at which the Cocoa Beach meet is held experienced severe hurricane damage last yr, an update on its condition was certainly warranted. Descriptions of weather around the country including FL can be interesting...even curious...but comments about it are not within scope. Out of scope messages are not uncommon and even expected. Continuing to present out of scope messages, however, when the subject has been declared ended will invoke a response from management.

I'm reminded of the time I was standing next to a policeman near a wedding reception that just ended. Some people came out, jumped in a car and scratched off. Cop just stood there. Then another did it. Then another. Finally, after the 5th one or so, the cop said..."That's it!" jumped in his car, turned on the siren and sped after them. Two warrants were issued this morning and more will follow until we get this group back to frt cars.

Mike Brock