** S Scale Brass Speeder Project Announcement **

Bill Lane <billlane@...>

Hi All,

When the Yahoo S Scale list mentioned
that a running Speeder would be an interesting item to have, I thought it
might be a possible project. But, a brass Speeder was not in the lineup of
Pennsy S Models projects for the foreseeable future. We have at least the
next 3 projects either being built or scheduled well into 2006. However,
Pennsy S Models does not want to deny the S Scale Market the opportunity to
own a fine brass Speeder model. We have passed the Speeder project on to
Jeff Briggs of Briggs Models and wish him success with it. Finally, we are
concentrating on the completion of the X29 & G26 projects, so we can get
started on the projects beyond them.

From now on please contact Jeff Briggs with all Speeder
project questions and orders. I am no longer involved in the project beyond
being the first person to place an order for 1.

Thank You,
Bill Lane

Importing a Brass S Scale PRR X29 & G26

The project announcement from Jeff is as follows:

Some may be familiar with my company name, as I have been working as a
product engineer and pattern maker for various resin kit companies including
Kaslo Shops for the past 10 years.

Briggs Models- Product Release

The prototype for this model is a ca. 1950 Fairmont powered car and trailer.
The car will be open on the sides, with an enclosed tunnel in the center,
and a metal front and roof similar to this unit.

This model will not be produced overseas. This model will be produced and
assembled in North America, using mainly US produced parts and North
American labor.

The model will be only available factory painted, and unlettered. Your
choice of MOW yellow, MOW orange, bright red and bright green is available.
Decals are not included with the model. They are not known for their
excessive decoration anyway. I few dry transfers or decals from a lettering
set will suffice for most eras and roads.

The models will be DCC ready, to accept a Digitrax DZ123PS decoder.
Soldering will be required to install the decoder, but disassembly of the
model will not be.

Featured parts will be:

. Solid nickel-silver driver tires with cast brass centers
. Can motor
. Gearing for realistic top speed
. On powered unit/trailer combinations, the trailer will be used for
additional electrical pickup
. DCC ready
. Factory painted realistic colors with laser cut window glass and
separately applied etched Stainless Steel details
. Your choice of Hi-rail or NASG wheels

The models will be sold for $325.00 US for a boxed set of one powered motor
car, and one trailer. A maximum of 50 boxed sets will be manufactured.

There will also be a maximum of 30 un-powered trailers boxed and sold
separately. These will be priced at $80.00.

Shipping is included in continental United States and Canada.

These models will only be available directly from Briggs Models.

Deposits on the models will not be taken until enough reservations are
received to make the project a go. Once we have received the required number
of reservations and the models have been produced, you will be notified
either by telephone or email. You will have 30 days to make your payment,
either via PayPal (which we prefer), or by check or money order. If you wish
to pay by check or money order, please allow 30 business days to clear the
funds, as well as 2 weeks for shipping. At this time we do not accept Visa,
MC or AmEx.

Payments made with PayPal should be made to: A PayPal
request for funds will not be sent. You will be telephoned when your
model(s) is ready.

Paper payment should be made out to: Briggs Models, and should be sent to:

Briggs Models
#213-899 Craigflower Road
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Please do not send any money at this time! To make your reservation, please
send an email to: or send a letter to the above
address, with the topic Speeder Reservation". This communication will be
considered your reservation. The models will be allotted on a first come,
first served basis.

When making your reservation, please indicate:

Color- from the list above
Wheels- Hi-Rail or NASG
Quantity of each model
Method of payment

Please keep your eyes open for announcements regarding a website and further
information on release dates and model specifics.

Thank you for your interest in Briggs Models!

Jeff Briggs, Owner
Briggs Models