Walthers GACX wood reefer addenum

Eric Hansmann <ehansmann@...>

I have picked up a few of these cars and noticed a different truck style on
one I bought last week. Walthers has produced these cars with two different
trucks. I have models in NKP and PFE paint and lettering with trucks that
Walthers refers to as Pullman trucks. They can be seen here:


I picked up an L&N car this week with GSC Commonwealth-style trucks. Here's
the L&N car with these new trucks:


The box for the L&N model is clearly marked "with GSC truck" on the label. I
don't have the other two boxes handy, but I recall I saw a notation of "with
bolted pedestal trucks" noted on the box label on the store shelf this past

I didn't think this was noted in the recent GACX reefer discussions. Then
again, this may be a new development.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.