New HO Dalman two-level trucks

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

I really wish these trucks were available _without_ wheelsets. As I
will use either IM or Reboxx .088 the wheelsets come at added throwaway cost
to me. I would suggest that trucks _without_ wheelsets be sold in [say] 100
set (or more) packaging however. This make it easier (and less costly) for
you and we who want them that way can arrange to divide them ourselves.

Jon Miller
I would second Jon's wish in spades. It is increasingly evident to me that critical freight car modelers are choosing the semi-scale wheels as their standards.

It is very painful to purchase fine trucks (designed for and aimed at this customer-base), and then have to discard the fine *expensive* wide metal wheels that are included. I will be selling a pile of these discarded wheels this weekend, not for profit (Ha!), but just to get rid of them. I would urge that either inexpensive but serviceable plastic wheel sets be included instead, or that the truck frames be sold independently.

I would also second Dennis Storzek and urge that your truck bolster be made to the industry standard. Attempting to lower bolsters that are too high is a true pain.

Denny S. Anspach, MD