extreme modeling


I quess my most extreme model has to be a Jordan Spreader that I scratch
built.After photographing and taking measurements I drew plans and started
cutting shim brass.The trucks,couplers,headlight,marker lights and smoke
stack were the only commercial parts.Everything else was fabricated out of
brass.I learned how to solder and even created some new swear words.(I had
used all of the old ones early in the project}.After weeks of construction I
finally completed the model.............it looked like I had hacked it out
with a stone ax.A friend saw it and "just had to have it".He offered a PFM
NP ten wheeler for it.I told him he had a deal, only I would keep it while I
made another one for myself.I had learned a great deal while working on the
first one.My friend has yet to see my second model which earned a blue
ribbon at an NMRA convention in Montreal.As long as he was happy ,so was
I.The model is still in service on my layout.Armand Premo