Stock Cars - some facts

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...> wrote:

Also on both
the Un Pac ad Santa Fe we put them back on the same cars they came
off of.
Larry's comment matches what I've read in industry literature. Wonder how
often it was observed.... Probably fairly high given the need for the right
waybill to go with the animals.

If that is indeed the case then there should be a fairly standard scenario
to the traffic: the car goes as far as it needs to go to get to the
consignee. So the question then becomes: How much stock traffic got
interchanged? And that can be found in the ICC commodity data:

1956 DRGW, about 6500 carloads of stock (cattle, calfs, and sheep... I did
not incl. pigs) were sent off the road, 700 were received from other roads,
and another 650 were bridged, out of ~ 11,800 carloads total.

1956, ATSF, about 32000 carloads of stock were sent off the road, 10500 were
received from other roads, and another 3400 were bridged, out of ~ 68,000

I have all the data from 1956, all roads, stashed somewhere in the house but
these were the only two with large numbers that I have online. I think they
serve well enough. FWIW, the ICC didn't regard terminal/switching lines as
offline carriers for the purpose of this data so anything going thru their
hands herein was counted as online carloads.

So in both these cases it looks like about 2/3rds of the stock traffic
involved interchange. At least in the far west, the idea of foreign road
stockcars doesn't seem so strange anymore, does it?

Dave Nelson