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Although not quite on point, I know from personal observation that the MTA Staten Island Railway, better known as Staten Island Rapid Transit, had archbar trucks on 55T hopper cars in MOW service as recently as 2001, when I was last there. One had one archbar truck and one Bettendorf truck, which may say something about the resourcefulness or imagination of the workers in the railroad's Clifton shops.

William Bryk

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> Mr. Hendrickson,
> Perhaps a strange/dumb question........
> Is there prove whatsoever that some cars (for instance the Proto
> 2000 type 21 tank cars [UTLX?])
> never received the ARA/AAR trucks, but still had the arch bar
> trucks in mid 50's?

Arch bar trucks were banned in interchange in 1940. Here and there, a
tank car might have survived as late as the mid-'50s with arch bar
trucks, but only in company service (and even that is unlikely). All
cars in revenue service were required to have cast steel truck side
frames after 1940, whether Andrews or Vulcan with separate journal
boxes or ARA/AAR with integral journal boxes.

Richard Hendrickson

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