Dullcote blushing

Doug Polinder

Mike Rose's article on using Dullcote and alcohol for blushing effects appeared in the July 2003 RMC.

Doug Polinder
Lowell MI

Doug Polinder
Grand Rapids MI

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Andy Sperandeo <asperandeo@...>

I don't use Dullcote any more because I've switched to acrylic paints, and
Polly Scale Clear Flat is a good flat finish I can thin with distilled
water. When I did use Dullcote, though, I NEVER used a spray can (not since
about 1965, anyway). I bought my Dullcote in a bottle, thinned it with
ordinary (meaning dangerous!) lacquer thinner, and sprayed it with an
airbrush. That completely eliminated blushing problems. Well, there was that
time I tried weathering a Dullcote-sprayed car with turpentine and oil paint
washes, but that's another story.

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