NdeM Boxcars

jim peters <jimpeters90@...>

Good afternoon,

I will respond to both James and Arnold at the same
time . . .

I model the NdeM, and James I would very much like if
you would add me to your list for the Mexican boxcar
photos. Please send to jimpeters90@hotmail.ca

Arnold - basically just use any standard AAR boxcar
model. There are some very distinct features, but are
only outstanding to the die-hard rivet counters.
There is one feature on the 10'-0 IH cars you will
have to include - All had straight end-to-end side
sills. On the 10'-6 IH there is one detail that may
cause problems - most of the cars had 12-panel riveted

To model the various cars in HO use:
60000 - 61299 1932 ARA . . Sunshie Models #21.36
61300 - 62909 1937 AAR . . Red Caboose (W-Corner)
62910 - 64409 10'-0 IH . . InterMountain #40799
- Use 4/3 ends from InterMountain
66001 - 67500 10'-6 IH . . InterMountain #40899
- 1st 500 cars use Branchline End 2E with the small
rectangular rib removed.
- Remaining cars use Branchline End 1E
- All had diagonal panel roofs
67501 - 69755 and 72000 - 76809 are 10'-6 IH cars with
6' wide doors and 12-Panel riveted sides - I do not
know of any kits curently on the market to model this
group of cars.
76810 - 78004 and 78625 - 78741 10'-6 IH with 8'wide
door . . . Branchline Trains #1500

The best decals in HO and N scales are from Eresvel in
Mexico City.

Saludos mi amigos,

Jim Peters
Coquitlam, BC

A side note; tienda means shop or store. I think you
will find it should read 'ferro-tienda'. Ferro-tienda
is a rail store in a boxcar. A group of approximately
25 rebuilt boxcars operated by CONASUPO, a government
agency whose mandate was to provide the basic goods to
the general population. These cars do not fall within
the defination of our group. They were operated from
the late 60's to the mid 90's. Jim

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