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Tim Gilbert wrote:
I believe Eric Neubauer has collected a list of "New Cars a la RAILWAY
AGE." If not, it would be a relatively simple task for the idle in the
now sunny Washington DC on an inclement day to photocopy these issues at
the Library of Congress. The photocopies could then be transcribed and
compared to contemporary ORER's - the most complete set of ORER's I know
of are in Sacramento.
Eric does have such a list, greatly enriched by info from other railroad journals, the ICC valuation records, and considerable info from historians of particular roads. But as Eric would be the first to tell you, the Railway Age lists do NOT represent cancelled, enlarged, or diminished car orders; do not represent transfers of orders to other builders; do not always capture every order in a particular year; and represent very few company-built cars.
I don't know that we want that information collected anyway. If we are to marry models to prototypes, we only need to start with a listing of reasonably prototypical models. It will be a heckuva shorter list, for one thing.

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