I apologize

Walter M. Clark

Hi, all,

I'd been away from this group and modeling in total for several months
from November through late January, and have since been reading as
fast as I can when I've been able to log into STMFC, working to get
caught up. As another poster said a while back this is a very
prolific group, averaging well over 700 posts a week, so I've been
chasing a moving target. There were a few posts I replied off group
to, not wanting to be out of the loop and not knowing what had since
happened. Once I got to the end of March I figured I was close enough
to start posting my replies. I was wrong. As one group member
informed me off line yesterday it was like I'd been in a time warp,
sort of like Rip van Winkle. So I posted several replies over the
past week or so that turned out to be inappropriate, even appearing to
be wanting to re-open threads that had ended weeks earlier. I won't
make that mistake again, though I'm sure I'll find new ways to make
mistakes as time goes on.

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941
Riverside, California