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Still...one might be permitted to wonder about the manufacture of
a car with
total production of 100 prototype cars when the AAR Alt Standard
50 ton
hopper...about 50,000 prototype cars [ and, no, I'm not going to
look up the
actual total numbers ]...has never been built or, of course, the
Mike, most modelers think that the alternate standard looks pretty
close to the conventional old Athearn and Atlas standard cars which
are a lot less expensive than new Athearn cars.

I know Kadee doesn't feel this way; there were plenty of PS1 box car
and PS2 covered hopper models in HO before they started in with them.
Maybe I'm more frugal than most modelers.

There are a lot of nice, modern quality plastic RTR 40 ft. steam and
transition era reefers available already (Red Caboose,
Intermountain, Accurail ....)so maybe Athearn wanted something
significantly different.

A few years ago both Walthers and Model Die Casting came out with 50
ft. single sheathed auto box cars which are real odd ducks for
eastern modelers. At the time there was only one easy to assemble,
modern quality 40 ft. single sheathed box car from Accurail.

I'd like to get undec. kits of this new Athearn reefer model for
parts but $23 is a little pricy to cut a kit up.

Will Athearn will offer the car with fictitious paint schemes?