Help from/with Florida resources

lnbill <bwelch@...>

I am just wondering a couple of things as I continue my quest of more
Fruit Growers Express/Western Fruit Express/Burlington Refrigerator
Rexpress reefer photos, especially early photos.

Is anyone on this list part of the Florida East Coast historical
group and or do they know or have any kind of relationship with Seth
Bransom. Seth sells railroadian kinds of things and apparently was
entrusted by the FEC with what amounts to their archives, which he
apparently has a strangle hold on from what I can tell. He has told
me in the past that among the photos in the archives are those made
at an icing dock somewhere in Florida, the name of which I have
forgotten. After a couple of years of begging him to look and saying
I would purchase prints of what he finds sight unseen, he tells me I
need to come to Miami so as to prompt him to look. Well the last time
I looked I am not that crazy!

I am hoping there may be somebody on this list with either pull or

Secondly, I am curious if anyone knows about regional or specialized
resources, libraries or archives, in Florida in terms of
agriculture, growers, oranges, etc? I am thinking especially of the
areas around the state like Pelmetto that were significant shipping

I have already mined the State Archives in Tallahassee for what few
items they have.


Bill Welch