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Schuyler Larrabee

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This wouldn't post to the Group (maybe I included some of the
message-border junk and it got rejected as "HTML"...)

That's the shade of red I once expected C&O box cars to be (but I was
going by a company calendar with watercolor
paintings...) That's apparently a post STMFC coat of paint, but it's
far brighter and bolder than the adjoining box cars.
"Cherry Festival Express" anyone? Using up caboose paint left over
when they went to yellow?

That version of the logo (PROGRESS centered and clearly below the
bottom of the O) debuted in 1954. The earliest reference I've seen
is June. But the earlier "cut-through the bottom of the O and offset
to the right" version was used from 1948 to 1954 and sometimes later.
Only a series of PS-1s had come with gothic lettering by that
time-- and Roman was still the standard. So no, that's not a good
reference photo for a 1954 car.

Scott Pitzer