S&A PS-1s

Garth Groff <ggg9y@...>


The S&A's first PS-1s were 8200-8249, built in 1948 and riding on Andrews trucks (trade-ins). According to Ed Hawkins' article in the March 1993 RMJ, these cars were renumbered 800-849 in 1957. My suspicion is that the renumbering coincided with replacement of the Andrews trucks.

Can anyone tell me what type of running boards these cars used, and if they were painted? A photo in the August 1993 RMJ is the only one I have ever seen of them. It suggests that the running board was painted. The roof appears to be unpainted galvanized steel, though it might have originally been freight car red or black, and the paint has just worn off.

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Garth G. Groff