Future O scale SR low side gon kit

Jim King <jimking3@...>

I have finished upscaling the HO Southern 11-rib low side steel gon
(currently in production for the SRHA) to O scale and expect to order
SLA patterns next week. I expect to have a pilot model completed around
mid-July and will post pix on my web at that time. Decals are completed
for Roman and Block fonts. Thanks to all of you who've made kit

While this model is coming into production, I will start pattern
upscaling for the CofG ventilated box that I produced in HO for the CofG
HS. This is a 40-footer with solid doors, wire/slatted doors and dual
vents on the ends, steel roof, steel underframe, steel ends and double
sheathed sides. This is a unique car in that the most common length of
vent boxes was around 36 ft so this car will stand out in a string of

After that, there will be pulpwood racks, a Southern SU boxcar, B&O
wagontop box, and other Southern cars and cabooses, in no particular

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.