Wheel Painting Jig

Jim Betz

I put a photo in the FILES section in a folder of the same name as
this post. The photo shows how I make my own wheel painting jig by
taking a piece of brass tubing and filing a toothed edge on one end and
cutting holes in foam. If you use the correct size foam you can do
both ends of the wheelset at once.
When I put the wheels in the foam I take a hold of the point of the
axle and sort of 'stir' it to get it down to where the foam forms just
a slight dimple to the tread (see pic). I let the paint dry fully
before I take them out. You will get very little, if any, over spray
on the treads. The same jig works for all code wheels (110,88,etc.)
and also for both 33" and 36". Not sure what size the tubing is, never
measured it. I just took a wheel set to my brass bits box and found a
hunk that was just smaller than the tread.
Oh yes, to cut the holes in the foam with the brass hole saw I just
chuck it up in a drill and pull the centers out after I've cut them all.

Feel free to add your own pics of your own jigs if you have them!

- Jim in San Jose