Southport Tank Cars

gary laakso

The Great Northern Annual Report for 1940 shows a picture of the Willmar, MN yard and therein I count 6 silver/white tank cars, two of which have SOUTHPORT on the sides of the tank car. Being a GN yard, the lettering is different size on the two single dome tank cars. The other silver cars are too distant or show the ends to confirm that the are SOUTHPORT cars. The picture shows many GN truss rod boxcars with all wood roofs and only one newer boxcar, ATSF 121810(?).

Does anyone know where the Southport facility was on the Great Northern or where they were interchanged from?

gary laakso
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Charlie Ake <icrr2@...>

I can't say anything about a Southport on the GN, but a quick check of ICRR records of the time shows a Southport in the New Orleans area with two petroleum companies there. International Lubricant Corp. and Gulf Refining Co.
Charlie A.