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I completely agree with what Marty and all others have said, while feeling a
bit sad that it had to come to this.

That being said, I had offered several of the folks at MM a series on PRR
gondolas, including both prototype and modeling info, and photos of each, and
was told that it was "too much Pennsy", and "too long", and my request for
presenting large photos (the proto photos were sharp as a tack!) could not be

It, and other material, became the fodder for a different forum (The Keystone
Modeler), that has ended up being a better choice (although not reaching as
many folks).

I do not, however, appreciate getting the comment that I "contributed to the
downfall of the printed magazine", though, from at least one of the MM staff
(and others), as if I was personally to blame.

If anyone from MM had ever asked any of their readership what THEY would like
to see, it might not have come to this. Hopefully, if someone does pick up
that banner, they might want to ask what they could do to REALLY meet the
needs of the proto modeling community...and get more articles out there on
the subjects we all find so interesting.

Elden Gatwood


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I'll take a patience pill on that "let's all support it . . ." until I see
what it looks like if it pans out.

Frankly, I don't see why ceasation of Mainline Modeler is being treated as a
such a huge loss -- the magazine has been suffering from a severe lack of
focus for years. Agree with SGL that the earlier years were great -- good
techniques, and the willingness to share advanced modeling techniques the
other magazines wouldn't touch. But when a magzine that is supposedly the
banner for prototype modelers runs the Franklin & South Manchester on its
cover (sometimes without a corresponding story inside!) more than any other
layout, I have to question whether the magazine is really geared toward the
serious prototype modeler, or merely paying lip service. Don't get me wrong,
I like George Sellios personally, and I admire his accomplishments for what
they are -- but I stuggle to come to terms with its inclusion in Mainline
when there are so many other excellent prototype models that could have been
used to inspire readers instead.

And don't get me started on the picking up articles from N Scale to run in
Mainline (or vice-versa), or the trees that didn't look anything like the
drawings . . . (though I have to admit, I enjoyed the four-part Laker ship
series, but that's my marine history bias showing).

Marty McGuirk

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