Mainline Magazine's Demise


Frankly, I don't see why ceasation of Mainline Modeler is being treated as a
such a huge loss -- the magazine has been suffering from a severe lack of
focus for years. Agree with SGL that the earlier years were great

I have to agree with Marty. When Mainline first came out it was
ground-breaking. I remember hearing comments that even the ads were interesting. I
remember "Notable" New Products, not just New Products. There was air about it
that said this is something different. That definitely changed, and although I
held on with subscriptions to the last, I was becoming disappointed with each
subsequent issue. Be back to what Marty mentioned, there is no reason to worry
about this. Magazines come and go. We have great publications such as Ted's
new venture and of course Ed Hwakins and Pat Wider's RR Prototype CYC. They
more than compensate in my opinion.

With the way the content changed in Mainline, and the change from a seemingly
new way to do a magazine to a run-of-the-mill magazine, I wonder how long RMJ
is going to carry on? I'm sure MM's demise probably helps RMJ to an extent,
but let's remember that it wasn't very long ago that RMJ was re-running old
articles from the 1980s. And talk about typos and an unorganized magazine!
IT's good, but it has its flaws.

Jerry Michels