Pennsy, Arrogance, and Bad Management, What? Think again!


ALTOONA, PA (STMFC) - In another case of reality being stranger than
fiction, the model railroad hobby has taken a page from the British soccer
scene, with the emergence of "railroad hooliganism" ...

What does any of this nonsense matter? There's no point and no gain in
arguing about what *is* or what *was*... it is, or was, as the case may
be, and that's that. Personally, I think the Southern were an arrogant
bunch of sore losers - to give just a few examples: running the Piedmont &
Northern into the ground whilst SR officials were managing the P&N during
the USRA time; fighting for 30 years (and losing) against the construction
of the Spartanburg Tunnel, in an effort to prevent the Clinchfield, P&N
and Charleston & Western Carolina from interchanging with each other
without having to pass over SR trackage; fighting tooth and nail against
the merger of the tiny P&N into Seaboard Coast Line... all this, because
the P&N started their service in an area where the Southern had a monopoly
on rail traffic, and then providing better service than the Southern
did... yet I won't agree that they made some important innovations - and I
model them, too.

Sorry for speaking off topic at length.

Frank Valoczy