ADMIN: Copying Stuff: Was Re: FGE/WFE/BRE comments, PDF etc. plus other matters

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

I've been gone most of the day or I would have terminated this thread[s] long ago.

Given that the discussion and presented information derives originally from an interest in copies of a handout associated with a frt car, I suppose we have not been completely out of scope but we have reached the point where the discussion is NOW out of scope.

We already know that members of the STMFC are not obligated or even encouraged to respond to requests for in-depth information presented via the STMFC. This restriction is primarily due to the potential size of lengthy messages. Further comments on the STMFC about sharing or not sharing is irrelevent. How much detail a member chooses to include in a reply is up to the member. Furthermore, critical comments about how members might choose to respond is contrary to the group's rules and is prohibited.

Discussions about processing PDF or any other types of files is also out of scope and such discussions are terminated.

Last year I formed a new group for the express purpose of storing more detailed messages regarding frt cars. This group:

does not function as most groups and members cannot post messages there. The concept is for messages, such as Bill Welch's recent one regarding FGE/WFE/BRE reefers, to be sent to the STMLIB by moderators. A library is thus created. Unfortunately I was unable to carry through with this over the last year but I think it's still a useful concept. Is it a good home for lengthy messages? I'm not sure. STMLIB is not a group with restricted membership...since no one but moderators can post, spam is not a problem. I would suggest that membership might be better done in a No Email format so members don't receive groups of messages being moved to the group as they would be considered new messages by STMLIB. Feedback directly to me OFFGROUP about the concept of STMLIB would be appreciated.

As far as uploading large files into the STMFC file space, I have no problem with that as long as we don't abuse the available space.

While I'm at it I would remind the members once again that full names are required when sending a message to the STMFC. This means first AND last names. If one's name is the part of an Email address to the left of the "@" sign, that is permitted. Failure to follow this simple rule...even I can remember my last name...will eventually land you in Moderate Jail. I would also strongly suggest that the termination of the threads announced above be followed.

Last, again taking the time to remind members of the group's rules, given that we are entering what might become a rather controversial and emotional national political season, I will remind the members that political comments on the STMFC are strictly forbidden and will instantly land you in Moderate Jail...without trial.

Whew. Back to frt cars.

Mike Brock