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One more thing from NEW WORLD DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN ENGLISH. THIRD COLLEGE EDITION. (Caps because the book title is in caps) Babbitt Metal. A soft white metal of tin, lead,, copper and antimony in various proportions,used to reduce friction as in bearings.
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OK please tell me which bearings were not Babbit lined. I never saw
one that wasn't.

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Babbitt metal doesn't have a single defined composition, IIRC, but it is
mainly tin with about 10% copper. "Bronze" is kind of a generic term for
copper - tin alloys, so there is some overlap in the terms. Both are
characterized as copper alloys under the UNS Cxxxxx designation, as are
brasses, cupronickels, and nickel silvers.

In other words Larry, what some call "Babbitt" is called "bronze" by others.

I'm sure Tony will enjoy correcting me.


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