1932 ARA 40-foot box

Thomas Baker

In the September 2005 issue of RMC, Ted Culotta discusses modeling the 1932 ARA 40-foot cars as represented by versions for the MP, SAL, and WM. While perusing the November 1992 issue of MM, I came across Robert Hundman's drawing of the SAL version in O scale.

Since I model in S scale, no kits are available for such a car. One can, however, modify the American Models car in S. I am puzzled though by what I perceive as a contradiction between the Hundman drawing and the Sunshine model. The Hundman drawing shows evenly-spaced lap-seam panels on the roof of the SAL car. The Sunshine model, in contrast, does not appear to have evenly-spaced panels. The panels closest to the ends appear to be more narrow than the other panels. In addition, the Hundman drawing indicates a lap-seam riveted construction while the Sunshine model, from the appearance of the photos, shows a covering over the lap seam.

I am not trying to criticize anyone but simply wondering which pattern I should follow in creating this car in S scale. Any clarification of this apparent discrepancy would be appreciated.