Advice on DTS 3042

Gatwood, Elden J SAD <Elden.J.Gatwood@...>


I wanted to get your advice before I go on vacation (hopefully I will have a
little time to do some modeling).

I have been looking at the Hank Goerke picture of D&TS 3042. Although
clearly repainted in the early 60's, it is also clearly an earlier car, with
4/4 rolling pin ends, high tackboards, pre-war Y-town doors, 5/5 riveted
sides, etc.

It appears to have had its side sill reinforced between the bolster tabs.
There also appear to be reinforcing plates added under the doors. Does
anyone know when this was carried out?

Any idea what kind of roof?

Brake gear?

Running Board?

Best model platform to start with?

Does anyone make decals for the red on orange "Expressway..." scheme, or has
this car been done by anyone?


Elden Gatwood