plastic welding cement

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Dennis Storzek wrote:
I hate to make corrections to someone else's posting, but some if the materials information John gives is not correct . . .
Plexiglass is a trade name for cast acrylic sheet . . . Lexan is GE's trade name for cast polycarbonate sheet.
Thank you, Dennis. Saves me writing a blurb on this <g>. In fairness to John, many people who work with plastics do tend to lump them together, though they may be chemically and even mechanically quite different, as long as they look similar or work similarly.
As Dennis hints, to a polymer chemist the terms "styrene" or "nylon" or "ABS" are about as informative as calling a metal "steel." There are extremely many formulations of most plastics for specific uses or for cost reasons, and they are most certainly not all the same. Even Lexan is but one of a number of polycarbonates. Within a family, of course, they may cut about the same, and adhesives may work about the same--but they may not, also. Generalizing material names, as so often true in other fields, has its dangers.

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