Carmer cut levers

Eric Hansmann

I received Railroad Prototype Cyc #16 recently and have been enjoying the USRA double-sheathed
boxcar overview. I note these cars were built with Carmer Cut Levers. I know many of the USRA
single-sheathed cars also came with Carmer Cut Levers. Was the same Carmer design applied to
both the DS and SS USRA boxcars?

For that matter, was the same Carmer design applied to all as-built USRA cars?

I know the PRR has some slight differences in Carmer designs between classes. As the Carmer Cut
Levers were a two-part system, some handles were slightly different from application to
application, as were some of the pin-pulling levers. This spurs the query if there were any
differences in the Carmer designs between the different USRA freight cars, especially since the
USRA cars ushered in some standardization in the components of freight car constuction.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.