Prototype Rails 2008 Hotel Room Info

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

For those planning to attend Prototype Rails at Cocoa Beach:

We used up our hotel room block this morning. NO PROBLEM. This is a common situation with hotels. The 800 operator cannot add rooms to the block but, of course, the hotel can and we have have expanded the number of rooms this morning. This will likely occur again during the next month. During that time if anyone cannot get the Prototype Rails rate of $99, take what is offered and let me know and I'll have it changed to our $99 rate. The key thing to realize is that IF there is a room in the hotel available, I can get it for you at $99 or change it to the $99 rate right up to the day of the meet. However, if all rooms in the hotel are gone...

Mike Brock
Prototype Rails Chairman